Mother, law lecturer, PhD candidate, mad runner. I am an Aus politics tragic; thesis is on taxation of charities. I like shiny things.
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Writing leads to writing

Kind of strange really, but the more you write the more you feel like writing.  Have to say I’m enjoying thinking about things in more detail.  Glad I submitted to DUAO.  Made me think about deeper issues again.  Not just the routine grind of teaching. Wish I hadn’t left my books behind.   I am … Continue reading

Theory and Tax

I am currently thinking about the theoretical side of things.  The Legal Research course I did last year made a big song and dance about it.   At the time I didn’t really understand how I could even begin to incorporate a theory into what I thought was essentially a very black letter law approach. … Continue reading

Not much said so far

Turns out I am not much of a blogger.  Microblogging i.e. twitter suits me just fine.  But this large empty space looking to be filled just seems like another commitment.  Another indictment of my inability to manage time and writing. I’m not going to bother to make a pledge thingy saying I will write more. … Continue reading

Easter Confessions

I did nothing this Easter. Not for work.  Not for the PhD.  Just family and friends. This is the point of my post.  You do need some time to do “notwork”and “notthesis” Yes I know those are made up words but I think they capture a something of how your brain starts reorganising things and … Continue reading

Let’s talk about tax baby

Welcome to my blog.  It is a personal blog so it reflects my ranges of interests.  Should you be interested in what I have to say my bio should be warning enough but here is the list in no particular order. Tax  law (mostly Tax in Australia but minor dabbling with other jurisdictions. Teaching tax … Continue reading


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